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What’s involved in understanding Dementia care?

28th March 2018
What’s involved in understanding Dementia care?

Dementia can be challenging to handle, not only for the person suffering with it, but for the carer as well. 

Those with dementia often act in ways that make little sense to outsiders, which is why understanding the individual is the most important part of our dementia care, so that we can deliver the best support.






Correct Response

Many of the episodes associated with Dementia are often a result of the individual being thrown into a feeling of vulnerability, potentially by being unable to recognise their surroundings, the people around them, or forgetting how they got to where they are. If you put yourself in that position, you’d also feel disorientated and afraid; it’s therefore important that carers are patient and receptive to the emotions of the individual. All our carers are specifically trained in dementia care and can connect with residents on an emotional level to ensure that they are as comfortable and relaxed as possible.


Just because someone has dementia does not mean that they deserve any less respect as a person. People with dementia often suffer with feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem because they feel they cannot do as much as they used to; this means that it’s more important than ever to let them know that they are valued and that you care by talking with them and engaging in activities together.

Allowing time alone

Time to ourselves is something that we all value, and those with dementia should be no different. Our carers respect residents’ boundaries and are always considerate when entering their personal space, or when assisting with personal activities such as dressing and washing. Whilst it’s important to ensure that those with dementia feel valued, it’s also important that they don’t feel like they’re constantly under surveillance, so that their routine can feel authentic and personal.


Are you looking for a care home that understands dementia care and goes the extra mile to ensure that your loved one feels valued and enjoys their time? You’ve come to the right place! To find out more about our dementia care or the lifestyle at Old Alresford Cottage, don’t hesitate to get in touch!