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Our specialist dementia care

There’s no denying that caring for someone with dementia is difficult, but it can also be incredibly rewarding when you see them happy and full of life. At Old Alresford Cottage, a residential care home in Hampshire, we specialise in providing the very best dementia care based on respect, dignity and understanding, whether that’s full time or respite care. Read on to discover some of the core values we maintain when caring for someone suffering from dementia. 

Demonstrating respect and value

Talking with someone with dementia can be difficult, as their frustration at not being able to communicate bubbles to the surface and their sense of self-worth decreases. Our carers are specially trained to connect with our residents with dementia and know how to talk to them to ensure they understand they are still very much a respected and valued member of society. 

Catering to cultural and religious beliefs 

We always ask about a person’s cultural and religious beliefs when someone comes to stay with us, whether it’s just for a day, a week or two, or to live full time. We do this so we can do everything in our power to ensure their beliefs are respected, from designing them their own menu to ensuring they have the right clothing.  

Maintain dignity and privacy 

As a person’s dementia progresses, they will often need more help with completing personal tasks such as bathing and grooming. Our carers have years of experience assisting and supporting with these necessary activities and always ensure dignity, respect and privacy is maintained at all times. 

Forming personal relationships 

Our compassionate and friendly carers enjoy nothing more than developing a personal relationship with all our residents, but this is particularly important for people with dementia. We take the time to get to know them through conversations and activities, as well as asking friends and family for details about their life and personality prior to their diagnosis. This way we are familiar and relaxed with them, helping them to feel safe and comfortable as well. 

Helping to express themselves 

Dementia affects the area of a person’s brain that allows them to think clearl, which is why people with the condition can struggle to find ways to express how they are feeling. In order to help our residents with dementia express themselves, our fully trained carers encourage them to take part in activities specially designed to help them find a way to get across some of what they are feeling.

If you’re looking for a care home in Hampshire that specialises in dementia care, contact the experienced and friendly team at Old Alresford Cottage today on 01962 734121. Providing both respite and residential, long-term care for those suffering with dementia, our Hampshire care home’s staff are fully trained to help those suffering with the disease to live happy, safe and rewarding lives.