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Music and Dancing...

13th November 2017
Music and Dancing...

... It's good for the soul! And to those suffering with dementia.

We recently enjoyed an afternoon of singing and dancing at Old Alresford Cottage Care Home Hampshire!

A recent report has called for an increase in the use of music and dance in the care of dementia sufferers after a study found them to be very beneficial.

Funded by the Beth Johnson Foundation, the study found that music and dance activities helped engage the underused areas of the brain as well as stimulating memories. 200 residents took part in the study and research was carried out at 17 care homes in Surrey.






Experience of Being

The report entitled ‘Experience of Being’ investigated the effects of providing dementia sufferers with creative activities that included music and dancing over a six month period. 

Results from the study showed that dementia sufferers taking part experienced a positive improvement in their mental wellbeing, including being able to remember events from their musical activities.

Additionally, the residents also benefitted from an improvement in their cognitive ability, leading to increased confidence and self-esteem. Music and dance workshops were also found to help residents recollect the past easier and all three were proven to have a soothing and calming effect.

Ultimately, the workshops were found to stimulate those living with dementia through engaging parts of their brains that were still active; the positive results call for their use in more care homes across the country.

While mental and physical activities have long been believed to help slow the decline of our minds and bodies, it is promising to see these ideas being actively researched and proven. The hope is that many more care homes will implement these kinds of recommendations with regards to programs and activities for all residents but particularly those with dementia.

Here's some pictures from our recent session:

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