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3 ways to help combat loneliness this Christmas

Though loneliness is a growing problem that affects people all year round, the condition is often made worse during the festive period. Due to a number of different reasons, including retirement, reduced mobility, loss of loved ones and family moving away, the older generation can find Christmas to be a particularly difficult time. We outlined 3 things you can do to help you not only make it through the festivities, but to enjoy them too. 

Find something to do on Christmas Day

If you’re spending the big day itself alone but would much rather have some company, join a community Christmas lunch. These fantastic lunches put on a proper roast dinner with all the trimmings for those who would otherwise be spending the day by themselves. Not only will you get a delicious lunch cooked for you (and with none of the washing up!) but you’ll also get the chance to make new friends and meet lots of people who are in the same situation as you. Perhaps you could even volunteer to be one of the cooks or servers. 

Plan to call your loved ones

If your loved ones aren’t able to see you as much as they’d like during the festive season, make sure you both set aside time to keep in touch by calling regularly. Try scheduling phone calls at a regular time so it becomes a routine and something you can both look forward to. On Christmas Day itself, make sure to schedule a definite time to call so you have the time to talk without burning the turkey. If you’re tech savvy, why not make the phone call a video call so you can really feel part of the day?

Reach out for help

If you’re really struggling this Christmas, it’s important to remember you are not alone. A friend or family member may not know how you are feeling so reach out and tell them that you are feeling alone. If you’d prefer to talk to someone who doesn’t know you so well, there are a number of helplines out there ready and waiting for you call. By asking for help in this way you’re taking the first step to feeling happier and less alone. Age UK has a free, confidential phoneline available 365 days of the year where a friendly person is waiting to help. You can find more information about the helpline on their website

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